Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, BATHINDA

(A State University Established By Govt. of Punjab vide Punjab Act No. 5 of 2015 and Approved Under Section 2(f) & 12 (B) of UGC)

Vision of Dept. of Pharm. Sci. & Tech.

  1. To establish an internationally acclaimed institute of higher learning equipped with state of art infrastructure facilities and most competent, dedicated faculty in Punjab.
  2. To become a worldwide renowned brand in pharmaceutical research for the benefit of mankind.
  3. To provide specialized quality education in the field of pharmacy, producing graduates who can face the challenges and demands of the professional world, and contribute to the health of the society.


  1. To ensure that students acquire optimal theoretical knowledge and practical training of the pharmacy programme through curricular and co-curricular activities having values of professional ethics.
  2. Graduates will be able to learn professional ethics and value system needed for the growth of society and to realize their role in health care.