Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, BATHINDA

(A State University Established By Govt. of Punjab vide Punjab Act No. 5 of 2015 and Approved Under Section 2(f) & 12 (B) of UGC)

HOD Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (DoPST) and thank you for visiting our website.

Our mission is to educate & train the students in basic concepts and advanced knowledge using wider teaching methodologies and to impart professional ethics and values to contribute to societal growth and the health care system. At DoPST, we set very high standards for education to equip them with the entire armory to be ‘successful leaders of tomorrow’ in their area of interest. Our team at DoPST always helps to improve the individual personalities through workshops, conferences, and seminars and encourages them to participate in extracurricular activities including cultural and sports events. We provide students with a conducive environment that nurtures and inspires the students to be achievers in life.

DoPST is the first university department established in 2017. At DoPST we have strong pool of scientists/leaders who strives to give students the best possible education & training which is supplemented by excellent infrastructure and instructional facilities, which are much needed for their professional & personal growth in the pharmaceutical sector. Very proud to share that within a short span of its inception our scientists at DoPST fetched research grants of >3 crores from various govt. agencies, like SERB, DST, ICMR, ICSSR, etc, published research and review papers in reputed journals and becoming a full-fledged ‘Centre of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Education & Research.

Here at DoPST, we offer a wide-ranging package of pharmacy education and training opportunities beginning with the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm), Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) in two specializations, Pharmaceutics & Pharmacology and Doctoral (Ph.D.) programs in pharmaceutical sciences.

India is considered the “pharmacy of the world” for multiple reasons. In the volume of pharmaceutical production, we are ranked third globally, supplying drugs to over 200 countries and fulfilling 50 percent of the global vaccine demands. Generic drugs have traditionally been India’s stronghold and have contributed over 70 percent to the overall market revenue in 2018. Thus the world is coming to India and it is estimated that India will be the global hub for the pharmaceutical sector. The Pharmaceutical Industry, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy have an urgent need to meet training and research requirements to align it and become globally competitive. Our Department is planning additional courses in specialized fields and focusing research on areas of future interest.

I extend a hearty welcome to all students who wish to participate in our flagship programs and consider us in helping you achieve your professional goals.


Rahul Deshmukh, M. Pharm., Ph.D.